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Nikon Coolpix 8800

I went at got my self one of these babies yesterday.

I haven’t really had the time yet, to play much with it.

The short days, here makes it kind of hard to get of from work, while there’s still a bit of light left. But I’ve managed to take a couple of pictures. Absolutely nothing special, just testing.

But I do think that this picture came out quite nice. I’ll have to test a lot of stuff on it in the near future to get a good
feel for it. Needs to find the noise level of the ISO setting, the usefulness of the Noise Reduction system and the Vibration Reduction system.

New PalmOne PDA – not interested

I’ve been waiting for the new PalmOne PDA to be released and this morning they where.
But they wheren’t what I had hoped for or expected. I wanted a new Tungsten PDA with the 320*480 screen (cheaper then the T3 or maybe with WiFi build in). What they came with was two new machines in the Zire series, which is the cheap Palms, with limited memory and no universial connector. The zire 72 could be interesting if it wan’t a bit to thick because of the
build in camera (which is totally useless for me).