I’ve been thinking about complexity vs. simplicity, and I’ve decide that the general issue can be described with these two statements:

1. No issue is so complex, that it can’t be reduced to a meaningless yes/no question

2. No issue is so simple, that it can’t be made to complex to decide on.

Not totally happy with the phrasing, so suggestions are welcome….

New Box

I’ve finally gotten around to building a new box.

My old was an AMD Athlon 2200+, with 512MB ram and a couple of 120Gb Drive. Still up to most tasks, but getting a bit hard driven in some cases.

New one is build around an Intel Duo 2 Core E6320 (running 1.86Ghz), with 2Gb ram and a 400Gb Samsung hard drive. I’ve mainly build it to be silent, but it can be over clocked if I so choose (an Asus P5B motherboard helps with that). I tried running it at nearly 3Ghz for at bit, but haven’t tested it extensively.

One benchmark

LightRoom 1.0: Export 16, Dng files to Jpeg. 10MP.

New: 47 seconds (33 seconds overclocked)

Old:  345 seconds

Yes, the SSE2 instruction set is really important for LightRoom and makes all the difference.

Firefox I love you!

I’ve started to use google sync, to syncronize my bookmarks between my machines (Desktop XP, Desktop Ubuntu, Notebook, Work XP, Work Vista). When I installed GSync on the new Ubuntu installation it … crapped all over my bookmarks and everything from my “bar”, where I keep the most important things, was gone.

Luckily Firefox keeps series of backups of the bookmarks in a sub-directory below your profile directory. Look for around for c:\documents and settings\yourusername\application data\mozilla\firefox\profile\\bookmarkbackups – note that the “Application data” directory is hidden, so you have to have “show hidden files” turned on, in the explorer settings.

Just open the bookmark organizer in Firefox, and import an old file. Find the old “ToolBar” root and select “edit->Set as bookmarks toolbar folder” in the menu.

“what we need now is coffee” – Google Search

“what we need now is coffee” – Google Search

It’s in the middle of the night and we are getting ready to go to the hospital to have our second son delivered. I have the phrase “what we need now is coffee – lots of coffee!” stuck in my head. Strangely the first part of that sentence is only found two places in the web. Both copies of “fear and loathing in Las Vegas” by  Hunter S. Thompson. But that wasn’t what I was thinking of, so I guess that not everything can be found on the net. Not sure where it comes from, but I thinking Lucky Luke…

Adobe LightRoom 1.0 First Impressions

I’ve been using the LR beta for quite a while. This is my first impressions of the final release, version 1.0. I’ll walk through the most interesting (to me) features and try to include any insights that I may have. Enjoy.

Get it from: or

Available for both Mac OS and Windows (XP/Vista).

30 day trial is available from Adobe, so you can download from Adobe and run at once, while you wait for the CD and printed manual to arrive.

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Ubuntu Linux ready for the Desktop? NOT!

To balance my recent Vista exploits, I decided to try out the latest Ubuntu Linux. I downloaded version 6.10 and burned a CD. The Ubuntu cd is a “live-cd” which means that you can boot on the CD and run the operating system without installing anything or changing your current installation. Here’s what happened:
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