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PocketPC – Newsreaders

Usenet is kind of under appriciated these days, but it’s usenet that’s hidden behind Google Groups and it’s a world of information if you find the right group to read. A good news reader is important to the usenet reading experience. Nice clear text, easy navigation is the thing that makes or break a news reader as reading news should be the place you spend the most time, but things like ease of usage in setting it up and downloading is also important. If you’re in groups with a lot of noise, things like filters and killfiles are important. I’ve searched for all the newsreaders I could find for the PocketPC and this is what I found. Alternatives that I haven’t tested: Kawara (can’t post and has no thread view) and the old freeware version of Qusnetsofts reader.
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Backgammon games for PocketPC

I’ve been playing backgammon for a long time. Never seriously on tournament level, but I’ve played a lot of games.
The first game I looked for when I got a new PDA was a good backgammon. This is the result of my search. But first;
please note that these comparisons mainly concentrate on usability and not that much on the game play it self.
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No, it’s not about beer.

ALE is a Anti-Lamenessing Engine, but sadly I got no idea what “Lamenessing” means, but that doesn’t stop me from using it.

What it does is, it take a series of frames from a movie and combines them to a high resolution image. The frames need to be nearly exactly the same, but with a small movement of the camera, which means that edges will be place differently on pixels.

I’ll get back when I’ve played with it for a bit and post examples.

P.S.: Played a bit more with it – it’s not that fantastic at doing really large versions, but it may be useful when trying to get a better quality pictures in not much higher resolution. I still may post some more information in it later, but probably not.


I’ve just back from at two day seminar on Delphi 8 and ADO.NET

I spend the last couple of hours playing with a couple of things:

Mono is an Open Source Software (OSS) .NET platform. It basicly does the same as MS’s .net runtime but will run on win32, Linux, Mac OS X and the following CPUs x86-32, PPC, Sparc, strongArm, HPPA, s390 (some of them as inteprenter).
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Word down

Just used Office Word 2003 for the first time.

I’ve been using OpenOffice for the last year or so and before that it was Office 2000 or Office 97.

What an annoying piece of crap. The screen is plastered with irrelevant stuff and the dictionaries that I needed wasn’t there and Word couldn’t really understand this. So if I select spell-check it just tells me that everything is fine.

Well, my installation of OpenOffice 1.1.1 just finished (it took as long to download and install as it took to write this). Cool.