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Jira vs Google Doc importXML

If you ever need to import data – live – from Jira to a google spreadsheet, this might help you.

You’ll need:

  • The Url of your Jira server (I’ve only tested with ondemand)
  • Username and password to an account with rights to export xml
  • This list of jira fieldnames (not the same as jql)


Now open a spreadsheet or create a new one.

Now insert something like this.





&os_username=alice&os_password=bob“, “//item”)

You need to change the text in red to something that will work for you. And make it all one line – I just broke it down to make it easier to read.

As you can see I’ve listed the fields I need – you don’t need to do this if you don’t mind getting a lot of data. Remember to use the fieldliste above – not all fieldsnames match their jql names.

The last part of the statement – the xpath – tells google doc, which xml elements to extract. It’s actually a bit to simple her, as the timeoriginalestimate and timespent fields have a “seconds” attribute, that may be easier to work with the the text “2.54h” text returned by the field it self.

Change the xpath to something like “//item | //item/timespent/@seconds | //item/timeoriginalestimate/@seconds” to get the attributes (which is a bit useless for what I want as google places them on separate rows and only does it if there actually is an attribute – which makes it hard to know which value was returned if only one fo them exist in the xml – I’ll note it here what I end up with). The alternativ is something =if(C9<>””, value(left(C9,LEN(C9)-1)), “”) on the hour columns.

Have fun!

Visual Impact Priority (VIP)

My job includes the weekly iteration kick off for a development team. We look at the tasks for the week and prioritize them. Some tasks are front-end and some are back-end. Some are look’n’feel and some are more technical. And the end of the week, we demo it for everybody in the company.

I’ve long had a feeling that, at the end of the week, the more visual aspects of the tasks at hand had had less “love” then they warrant. Lets say we add a new page – all the new fields will be there, the new needed functionality will be implemented, but the visual glue, that’s supposed to pull it all together is somehow missing. It gets pushed to next week, where the same thing happens.

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Stop saying that: Everybody is a sales guy

I’ve heard this quite a few times in my twenty+ years in business. I’ve had different thought about it depending on time and place – but I think it’s safe to say that most of my thought weren’t that nice.

It’s mostly a question of missing context and having the wrong audience. Allow me to explain.

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Preparing for recording a screencast

Stuff I do before I start recording a new screen-cast.

  • Something physical. 10-20 minutes before I start, I do twenty push-ups or similar. Something to get my blood pumping. Allow enough time for your breathing to become normal again.
  • Clear my nose. Make sure breathing is as unhindered as possible. Sometimes I use saltwater spray to help.
  • Close down software. Close down Skype, Outlook, etc, anything else that will popup and especially the ones making notifications sounds.
  • Mute phone, and put it away, so that it wont make speakers go woop-woop, when there’s an incoming call. Turn of your speakers if you can.
  • Prepare story. Make sure every step is planned. Make sure every stop works.
  • Drink a bit of water. Yeah, coffee is King, but water removes clears the mouth better.

That’s it. The last one is of cause a bit more involved, but that’s a topic for another post.

Break on Fail

I haven’t blogged much about software development and usually don’t blog about work related issues at all. Which is kind of strange, as this is a huge part of my life, and something I’m really interesting in.

With this post I try to change that. Slowly. Just to see how it goes.

I’ll start by telling you a story about failure, and how to learn from it. Not because I’m a negative person, but because failure, should be see as an excuse to stop and ponder. There’s often something important to learn.

We, and by we I mean me and the development team of Metaconomy, of which I’m the product manager and daily contact person, failed last week. The goal for the week, was to refactor the partnership functionality and UX, in our Channel Performance Manager solution.

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