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Visual Impact Priority (VIP)

My job includes the weekly iteration kick off for a development team. We look at the tasks for the week and prioritize them. Some tasks are front-end and some are back-end. Some are look’n’feel and some are more technical. And the end of the week, we demo it for everybody in the company.

I’ve long had a feeling that, at the end of the week, the more visual aspects of the tasks at hand had had less “love” then they warrant. Lets say we add a new page – all the new fields will be there, the new needed functionality will be implemented, but the visual glue, that’s supposed to pull it all together is somehow missing. It gets pushed to next week, where the same thing happens.

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Back to work

I’ve had the previous week off from work to enroll my kid, in a new kindergarten.
It went really well. He loves the people there and the fact that there’s a lot more space and light then in the old one. At the moment, there aren’t that many kid there (it’s a brand new institution), which could part of as the adult to kid ration is something like 1:1. He loves attention. Hopefully he will be able to keep up the good spirit, even as more kid arrive.
We had like 35 people over on Saturday for an open-house combined housewarming and birthday party (mine) this Saturday and that went really good as well. Toby loved a the attention and it was really nice to get to meet people that I haven’t seen for to long. We took the easy road and had Sushi and food brought from Hings, which does Sushi and really good Chinese food. A hundred pieces of Sushi looks rather impressive 🙂