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Native boot

I’ve been running my development enviroment in a Virtual Box for a while. Ubuntu in a box on top of Windows 7 (on dual 2.2GHz, 3Gb ram).

Best of both worlds right?

Well it isn’t exactly fast. Here’s a few rough timings:

Windows boot cold to online: 170 seconds

Boot virtuel ubuntu maskine to login: 53 seconds

Start Aptana (in virtual machine): 54 seconds

Start rails (in virtual machine): 35 seconds

So I found my old desktop, which I though had died, but fortunetly it hadden’t, cleaned it up and installed ubuntu(a bit old and slower CPU (dual 1.8GHz, 3Gb Ram)).

Boot ubuntu maskine to login: 50 seconds (about 15 of those are bios)

Start Aptana: 20 seconds

Start rails: 15 seconds

Quite a bit faster – and best of all, it doesn’t seem to lock up all the time, like the Virtual machine did..


153 days of Windows 2000

I’ve a home server. It’s running windows 2000, it’s that old. I just checked – it’s 153 days since it was re-booted last. And the reason I rebooted was to move some hard drive around, not because it crashed.

Not bad.

It will be replaced through. It can only take 384MB of ram and it’s a 566Mhz Celeron processer and it’s starting to run a bit short. It’s mostly feeding my music collection to a SqueezeBox, but as the collection grows it’s getting a bit slow.

I’ll probably install server Ubuntu on one the retired desktop machines.

But that’s for another day. For now I’ll just reboot the old one, just to clean it up a little…

My First MS Vista Experience

I develop software for a living. That means that I’ve to ensure that said software work with Windows Vista, so when it got accessible I secured a copy, got it installed and started to move my development environment over to Vista. At first I was rather nervous, because the only report I could find about Borland Delphi 7 (no, the newer versions wasn’t supposed to be any better), was that it didn’t run in Vista.
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