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A small search engine test

As a long time google fan it pains me to say this… but of the big three google.com seems to return the worst results for my sites.

Search for “link:http://blog.tc.dk”:
Google: 6 results, 5 of them from blog.tc.dk itself
Live.com: 6 results, 2 of them from blog.tc.dk itself (plus a “view more from this site” option).
Yahoo.com: 13 results, 2 of them from blog.tc.dk it self.

Search for link:http://barbue.dk
Google: one page (from an ODP mirror page)
Live.com: 36 results (largely relevant!)
Yahoo.com: Several hundred, but most of them seems to be ODP links

Search for link:gallery.tc.dk
Google: Nothing
Live.com: 6 results (including one from blog.tc.dk)
Yahoo.com: 9 results (including two from gallery.tc.dk)

Overall it seems that Yahoo.com has the best index, but it also returned more irrelevant results. Google just seem to suck.

I’ll try some more searches later…

Yahoo stock to RSS converter


Update June 2010: I haven’t used this for a while and as you probably have noticed it’s no longer working. It did it’s thing, while there was not such service, but now at least Google financial provides some of the same services. Anyway, the source is still here, if you want to run it…

Inspired by Xanadb’ RSS Stock Ticker (which in turn was inspired by the now defunct Yahoo Finance RSS), I decided to try to make my own. I wanted to add a few things, mainly the ability to calculate loss/win for each stock and a total loss/win for all stocks.

The data for the feed is gotten from finance.yahoo.com

and you need the stock symbols that they use to build up a URL string that you can feed to your RSS program. But here’s an example:


This will give you two rss items with the current stock price of Microsoft (msft) and Cisco (csco). The total value of a 100 Microsoft stocks is calculated and the win/loss if you paid 20us$ for them is calculated. The same is done for 200 Cisco stocks brought at 20.90us$.
Here’s an example of how Thunderbird will show the data:
stock rss view
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