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Hippie Jokes – Google Search

I don’t like hippies. Truely I don’t.

I found this crude and yet somehow funny joke:

Q: What has long hair and looks good in red?
A: A hippie on fire!

So, I decide to try for a few more and go to my favorite search engine:

Hippie Jokes – Google Search

And what do I find? The same two jokes on a bazillion different pages. The one about the Nun, Hippie and Busdriver and the one about George Bush (or who-ever it is that we do not like) mistaking a hippies backpack for a parachute. Again and again. And those joke are not really about hippies. You could easily replace the hippie in the first one with say a shoe-salesman, and the second one only features a hippie because the joke is so old, that it’s from a time backpacks where associated with hippies.

Even browsing around on some of the larger joke sites, I find no hippie jokes. I find the sentence “enough with the hippie jokes” a couple of times on message boards, but no jokes…

Either my google-fu is really bad today, or something strange is going on…

Mike’s Madness

I found these old (from around 1990) texts called Mike’s Madness. They are in my humble opinion some of the funnies things ever written. Crude and far from political correct, but lots of fun. If jokes about Australians, Italians, Germans, Star Trek, Apple Computersm, nazies, beer and about smoking to much pot is your thing, or you think that they may be, take a look a this.