Mike’s Madness

I found these old (from around 1990) texts called Mike’s Madness. They are in my humble opinion some of the funnies things ever written. Crude and far from political correct, but lots of fun. If jokes about Australians, Italians, Germans, Star Trek, Apple Computersm, nazies, beer and about smoking to much pot is your thing, or you think that they may be, take a look a this.

1 thought on “Mike’s Madness

  1. Mike Beebe


    I’m Mike of Mike’s Madness! I’m glad you enjoyed my writing and that it’s still being read.
    I write as ‘Starless and Bible Black’ on http://www.poe-news.com now, and if you want, you can read my stuff there.
    Thanks for keeping my name alive and thank you for reading my stuff

    — Mike Beebe
    Yucks for You!


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