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How the New Star Wars movies Suck

I finally go around to seeing Revenge Of the Sith. My expectations for this movie was very mixed. Phantom and Clone War both sucked, but where watchable on a pure action level. You probably already know all the standard complaints about them; stiff dialog and acting, Jar-Jar and outright stupidity aplenty. But then, I started to hear good stuff about Revenge. A bit better acting, emotional justification for the Anakin to Vader transformation, positive stuff like that.

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I, Robot movie

Just saw this movie, after harboring serious doubts about it for a long time. I’ve read and loved all of Asimovs robots stories and the trailer of I, Robot was in serious violation of the three laws.

But it’s actually a really cool action movie that does stick to the three laws. I’ve said some bad things about this movie based on the trailer alone and now I feel somewhat stupid about that. The trailers does leave the wrong impression, but the movies is well thought out and, while it isn’t totally logical, it does justify the seemingly three-laws impossible actions of some of the robots.

Gets a bonus for one of the coolest shootout in the final show-down scene.

How the Matrix sucks

The first Matrix movie was re-run by a local tv-station and I re-re-saw the first half of it, but simple couldn’t stand it. I can’t believe that it seemed fresh and innovative when it came out just five years ago. The fight scenes are okay, but nothing special any more, but what really annoyed me was the science babble. Lot’s of people have talked lots, about the “humans as batteries”? nonsense, but what really annoyed me is the “if you die online, you die in real life”? crap.

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Reading The Knight Templar

I’m currently reading The Knight Templar by Jan Guillou (I’m reading the danish version called “Tempelridderen”). I’m about one third through and it’s looking good.

It takes place in the 11th hundred AD, during the crusades. Swedish Knight Templar Arn has joined to the crusades a part of a punishment, because he got a little to “heavy” with his girl friend before they got married. She had gotten sentenced to 20 years in a nunnery and he has vowed not to return before the 20 years has passed. Looking good…