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New homepage: DejligtVejr.dk

Well, yeah, the domain name is danish, and it translates to “nice weather”. We had a bit of rain yesterday and I got tired of hearing people complain about it, so I decided to do a mini-site with a nice photo slideshow showing some nice weather:


The site is flash based, which normally goes against my idea on how to make homepages, but this is not really supposed to be browsed. It’s not an information source. It’s just a bunch of pictures. If you can’t see them they are all available on http://gallery.tc.dk

I made the site using the web function in LightRoom, using the AutoViewer from Airtight Interactive. Very easy!


No, it’s not about beer.

ALE is a Anti-Lamenessing Engine, but sadly I got no idea what “Lamenessing” means, but that doesn’t stop me from using it.

What it does is, it take a series of frames from a movie and combines them to a high resolution image. The frames need to be nearly exactly the same, but with a small movement of the camera, which means that edges will be place differently on pixels.

I’ll get back when I’ve played with it for a bit and post examples.

P.S.: Played a bit more with it – it’s not that fantastic at doing really large versions, but it may be useful when trying to get a better quality pictures in not much higher resolution. I still may post some more information in it later, but probably not.