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Samsung i780 GPS

I’ve never had a GPS device before,  but one of the place the i780 got points, was on the GPS as I would like to play with one, and especially do geotagging of my photos.

In this blog I run through the software I’ve tested. Please note that my i780 is unlocked and unbranded. Yours may be locked to a specific set of services making impossible to use other GPS software.

My wants and needs are not for navigation – there’s 14 days trail version of Garmin XT included, which I’m still thinking about buying, but there’s also Google Maps which works flawlessly, but needs to download data. So unless you make it cache data before you go or has a “unlimited” dataplan with your provider you are going to pay as you go. And open street map software is getting better…

What I’m looking for is a simple piece of software that will capture my route and allow me to read it into a program that will syncronize it with the photos that I took while walking that route. This blog will mainly concentrate on the logging software. I’ll look at the PC (windows) side later. I’ve limited the search to software that didn’t require payment.

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First impressions: Samsung i780

I got my new mobile phone yesterday. A (unlocked) Samsung i780. Not the LG KS20 which was my previous favourite, but thanks to the nice people at clicksalg.dk (I mailed them and asked if they really had it and when it would ship. The reply was “yes. Is today fast enough?”. Cool.), this one became available to me first. It was down to that for me. Which one will become available to me first… 🙂

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Dell Axim x51v WM6 (Football Edition)

I have been fighting with ActiveSync (on my home XP box) and SyncCenter (on my work vista box) for the last couple of week. Couldn’t sync my Dell x51v PDA with any of them. Was driving me nuts. Tried all kinds of … crap.

So I decided to try a home brewed Windows Mobile 6 rom. And it works! No wifi problems. I tried to do a back up and restore, but that soon got to messy, and I’ve decided re-install everything from the top. Only thing is that, most of my programs where registered so long ago, that it may be hard to find a version to download. On the other hand, maybe it’s time to upgrade to a new (WM6 compatible) version.

Anyway. I’ll try to report back when I’ve tried it a few more days. And a big thank you to “football” and the people at xda-developers. And a big F… you to Dell for not providing this.

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PocketPC – Newsreaders

Usenet is kind of under appriciated these days, but it’s usenet that’s hidden behind Google Groups and it’s a world of information if you find the right group to read. A good news reader is important to the usenet reading experience. Nice clear text, easy navigation is the thing that makes or break a news reader as reading news should be the place you spend the most time, but things like ease of usage in setting it up and downloading is also important. If you’re in groups with a lot of noise, things like filters and killfiles are important. I’ve searched for all the newsreaders I could find for the PocketPC and this is what I found. Alternatives that I haven’t tested: Kawara (can’t post and has no thread view) and the old freeware version of Qusnetsofts reader.
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Backgammon games for PocketPC

I’ve been playing backgammon for a long time. Never seriously on tournament level, but I’ve played a lot of games.
The first game I looked for when I got a new PDA was a good backgammon. This is the result of my search. But first;
please note that these comparisons mainly concentrate on usability and not that much on the game play it self.
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Dell Axim x50v – part 1

I’ve been a Palm man for a long time. I got a PalmPilot around 1997 and I’ve worked my way through a Palm Vx to my current Palm Tungsten T3. I’ve been happy with all of them. But two weeks ago my T3 died. So I send it of the the shop, and got back a message saying that it would be about four weeks until I would get it back. So I went out and got a Pocket PC – a Microsoft Windows Mobile based machine from Dell – the x50v, which is pretty much top of the line among PDAs. It’s sports Wifi, bluetooth, vga screen, CF and SD card slots, so it sounds cool, but of cause even the coolest hardware is useless if the software sucks.

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