Hippie Jokes – Google Search

I don’t like hippies. Truely I don’t.

I found this crude and yet somehow funny joke:

Q: What has long hair and looks good in red?
A: A hippie on fire!

So, I decide to try for a few more and go to my favorite search engine:

Hippie Jokes – Google Search

And what do I find? The same two jokes on a bazillion different pages. The one about the Nun, Hippie and Busdriver and the one about George Bush (or who-ever it is that we do not like) mistaking a hippies backpack for a parachute. Again and again. And those joke are not really about hippies. You could easily replace the hippie in the first one with say a shoe-salesman, and the second one only features a hippie because the joke is so old, that it’s from a time backpacks where associated with hippies.

Even browsing around on some of the larger joke sites, I find no hippie jokes. I find the sentence “enough with the hippie jokes” a couple of times on message boards, but no jokes…

Either my google-fu is really bad today, or something strange is going on…

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  1. Guitardude

    Here are a bunch of jokes for y’all:

    Why couldn’t the lifeguard save the hippie? He was too far out, man!

    What do you call a hippie’s wife? Mississippi

    Your hair contains a fully functional eco-system.
    You’ve ever put a flower is someone’s hair.
    You child is named after a celestial object.
    Answering "what’s your favorite Dead song?" takes five minutes.
    Breaking up with your girlfriend leaves you homeless.
    You carry a picture of Gandhi in your wallet.
    You’re at a funeral and you light a joint after the eulogy.
    You don’t object to being labeled a hippie.
    There’s people you consider family and you don’t know their last name.
    Half your funiture is bean bags.
    You’re always getting pulled over and searched , and you’re white.
    Out of habit, you pass your cigarette to whoever’s sitting next to you.
    You name you children Bud, Herb, and Mary-Jane.
    You roll perfect cigarettes.
    You’re still waiting for those flashbacks.
    People you never met before ask if you can get them some weed.
    You think ‘All You Need Is Love’ was written by Ghandi.
    You can fall asleep in the mud under the rain.
    You trespass onto private property to pick flowers.
    If … hey, what was I talking about?

    Oh and one last thing. I know it’s none of my business, but I really think that y’all need to stop using such "colorful" language. You may think it makes you sound cooler or something, but really all it does is make you seem uneducated and like you’re trying too hard.

  2. TC Post author

    Thanks Guitardude. And I agree on the language. I may start deleting the more colourful content challenged comments…

  3. Guitardude

    That’s a very good descision! And hey, If you’re looking for hippie jokes, just go to http://www.google.com, type in hippie jokes, and you’re all set! That’s how I found the ones I posted earlier.

  4. Kat

    Hippies are the most stupid mother fuckers don’t excuse my language because I say that out of common sense and the anger I have that people especially hippies lack it!!!! They THOUGHT THEY PROMOTED PEACE AND LOVE BUT they spit on the very soldiers who fought for the freedom that everyone has, including the hippies themselves freedoms to protest and speak their minds….so why the fuck would you spit on a soldier who risked his/her life to fight for the freedoms that you were to chicken to fight for…Well I guess doing LSD and smoking to much fucking pot instead of fighting for your rights makes you know what peace and love really is huh? That makes a lot of sense really…..

  5. Reality Check

    I’ve read this thread that refuses to die and am absolutely stunned at the level of ignorance here. I assume most hippie haters here are too young or sheltered to have experienced the 60’s. It was a time of self awakening. A time of confronting prejudice and the making of a cultural revolution that was successful in changing human rights and US policy on international police action for decades. Anyone believing that all hippies were dirty and jobless are , simply put , ignorant.

    We were the people of that generation, bred in at least modest comfort, housed in the universities, looking uncomfortably to the world we inherit.We didn’t like it and proceeded to successfully change it.

    Whenever a group of people is locked within the margins of American social discourse, that community may find it necessary to scream or be revolutionary to be heard. It should come as no surprise, then, that alienation serves to be the catalyst for counter-cultural movements.

    In predictable fashion, the movement began to organize around a common desire to change the face of the world’s collective existence. Teach-ins were held, rallies attended, manifestos published and people educated. Some, in accord with the anti-authoritarian sentiment that was brewing, made non-conformity of language, music and dress a staple of their diet.

    That movement was successful and when it was done we moved on. We laid down our banners and stepped into the world we helped change. I bathed thru the entire experience. I wore clean clothes daily. I avoided profanity as I knew it merely replaced educated conversation with ignorance and hostility. I looked a man in the eyes when we spoke and was and am a man of my word. I was a Hippy and will always hold those memory’s dear to me.

  6. Reality Check

    By the way..for those ignorant posters that believe all hippies spat on soldiers. . I am a Vietnam veteran, recipiant of the Purple heart and Bronze Star. My son is on his second tour in Iraq and also a recipient of the Bronze Star. I never once spoke ill of our soldiers during my days in long hair and bell bottoms.

  7. johnyhoy wings

    I lived in burlington for years and found all new age "Hippies" to be a bunch of freeloading, drug addicted, bitching, call mommy for more cash, pieces of shit. The theory of the whole thing is great, but like all things it has been twisted to serve the useless. Look at the government. I want to hear some more hippy bashing jokes.

  8. Reality Check

    johnyhoy…your ignorance has no parallel. Like the owner of this blog your bigotry, closed mind and loathing is predominant and transparent.

    Typical of the mentally of your kind in the 60’s.

    Cuba is looking for good laborers. I’ll buy your boat ticket.

    Now delete this TC…you facetious smuck.

  9. kledou1

    I got a few more hippy jokes for y’all. Especially you dirt-foot, hair-farmers that keep trying to declare yerselfs all righteous and useful here.

    Why couldn’t the lifeguard save the hippy?
    He was waaaay too far out, man…

    And another (more propper in my opinion) version of one I saw below…

    What is the difference between a Hippy chick and a hockey goalie?
    A oockey goalie changes his pads after 3 periods.

  10. 4ever tree hugger

    Hippies rock and you bettered never make fun of us again. This is our way of life and i am tired of people trying to ruin it for us like this. You dont understand what we go through every day- people looking at us like we are uncivilized freaks. You just dont get it do you- HIPPIES ARE TAKING OVER THE U.S.
    Thanks Peace, Love, and Happiness 🙂
    Go Hug a Tree
    4ever hippi

  11. chris

    yay it works anyway… I would like to comment on this subject about hippys/bums/loosers. It’s ok if you want to save our planet in all, but for the love of god stop bitching about it. If you love this planet then do something. Also the government isnt evil there retarded there is a huge diffrence between the too. And when I say do something about it I mean take action not put up a sign and sit outside of the office window so that the employes can shoot paintball guns at you for fun…… get your own paintball gun and fire back. And for you vegitarians, guess what if you dont eat animals because they feel pain, well guess what scientist just discovered that plants feel pain to so start starving yourselfs idiots. sincerly a 16 dude from some country that I dont care to say. :p

  12. Hippy chic

    How many hippys does it change a lightbulb?
    Six. One to change the light bulb, and five to share the experience man!!!!!

    Hippy chic
    Peace, Love and Happiness
    (a kiwi hippy born in 66, and believe in peace not war)

  13. bentscroo

    why do hippies exist?
    why should minorities have all the fun?

    It’s easy to hate people when they are different. Keep up the good work and more hippies will surely come.


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