Native boot

I’ve been running my development enviroment in a Virtual Box for a while. Ubuntu in a box on top of Windows 7 (on dual 2.2GHz, 3Gb ram).

Best of both worlds right?

Well it isn’t exactly fast. Here’s a few rough timings:

Windows boot cold to online: 170 seconds

Boot virtuel ubuntu maskine to login: 53 seconds

Start Aptana (in virtual machine): 54 seconds

Start rails (in virtual machine): 35 seconds

So I found my old desktop, which I though had died, but fortunetly it hadden’t, cleaned it up and installed ubuntu(a bit old and slower CPU (dual 1.8GHz, 3Gb Ram)).

Boot ubuntu maskine to login: 50 seconds (about 15 of those are bios)

Start Aptana: 20 seconds

Start rails: 15 seconds

Quite a bit faster – and best of all, it doesn’t seem to lock up all the time, like the Virtual machine did..


1 thought on “Native boot

  1. Søren

    How can you live with a machine that takes 170 seconds to boot? :S
    I can’t time how fast my mac boots right now, because it is in the middle of uploading some data, but I quess it takes around 30 seconds. From sleep(with I ofcourse always use) around 2 seconds.

    It is rather slow in virtualbox aswell, just did a test on this machine:
    Boot windows 7 to login: 21 seconds
    Boot Debian(With X) to login: 19 seconds


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