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Back to work

I’ve had the previous week off from work to enroll my kid, in a new kindergarten.
It went really well. He loves the people there and the fact that there’s a lot more space and light then in the old one. At the moment, there aren’t that many kid there (it’s a brand new institution), which could part of as the adult to kid ration is something like 1:1. He loves attention. Hopefully he will be able to keep up the good spirit, even as more kid arrive.
We had like 35 people over on Saturday for an open-house combined housewarming and birthday party (mine) this Saturday and that went really good as well. Toby loved a the attention and it was really nice to get to meet people that I haven’t seen for to long. We took the easy road and had Sushi and food brought from Hings, which does Sushi and really good Chinese food. A hundred pieces of Sushi looks rather impressive 🙂