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Preparing for recording a screencast

Stuff I do before I start recording a new screen-cast.

  • Something physical. 10-20 minutes before I start, I do twenty push-ups or similar. Something to get my blood pumping. Allow enough time for your breathing to become normal again.
  • Clear my nose. Make sure breathing is as unhindered as possible. Sometimes I use saltwater spray to help.
  • Close down software. Close down Skype, Outlook, etc, anything else that will popup and especially the ones making notifications sounds.
  • Mute phone, and put it away, so that it wont make speakers go woop-woop, when there’s an incoming call. Turn of your speakers if you can.
  • Prepare story. Make sure every step is planned. Make sure every stop works.
  • Drink a bit of water. Yeah, coffee is King, but water removes clears the mouth better.

That’s it. The last one is of cause a bit more involved, but that’s a topic for another post.