Asus Eee Second Impressions

Firstly, I’m writing this on the Eee and I’ll tell you what I thought about the keyboard when I get to the end.

I forgot to mention in the first impression blog that the screen wasn’t as small as I feared. It’s small, but it fits the machine and doesn’t look small on it.

I’ve been going through the installed software just to see where here and out-the-box it has most of what I need. I’ve viewed a few jpegs, played some mp3 and oggs audio files (it’s currently playing Mark Lanegans Bubblegum, which I copied in from an SD-Card), and a avi video without any problems what so ever…

Most of the icons in the simple GUI simply starts Firefox with different URLs, opening different online services. Actually fairly useful.

There’s a Xandros Anti-Virus applications, but it took me a bit of fooling around to figure that I had to add a / to the Location field or it couldn’t figure that it should test all files. Silly.

Flash is already working in the browser. And I can get that full youtube experience…

It does get hot and you will get a bit of the sweaty notebook hands. The internal fan started after about 40 minutes of play, and it’s fairly noisy. Not to bad, actually I’m unsure if it’s running now that I’m playing music.

There’s a ebook reader included that would read all my Plucker encoded ebooks. Really cool. And it’s possible to turn down the screen brightness enough that I can read by it in a totally dark room without destroying my eyes.

Installing an English and a Danish dictionary in OOo was easy and worked the first time. But at least the English one should have been included.

Plugging in my Logitech cordless mouse worked the first time, but “of cause” the extra buttons didn’t work.

There’s no mini-PCIe socket inside.

The keyboard: It works quite well. I haven’t gotten a 100% used to it, but that will come. Right now I have a tendency to hit enter when I want to do an ‘ (which is right next to the enter butten). It is small and tight, but the keys have good feedback (but I’m used to a notebook like keyboard, so your mileage may vary).


  • Out of the box, you can choose between three different english keyboards. I still haven’t found an easy way of switching between english and danish keyboard in simple mode.
  • The speakers are … okay. The bass is, of cause, rather weak.
  • OOo Writer seems to have a problem keeping focus. When ever the music play shows a message (like playing a new song) or even worse, if a toolbar pop up in OOo (like when it sees that I’m working on a bullit list, likwfe this one).
  • I started up the included Skype client, and somebody call me at once – but they couldn’t hear me. I’ll have to work on that later.

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