Two weeks of Ubuntu 7.10

The on-board soundcard on my wifes old machine stopped working and I used it as an excuse to make a new box for her.

Her needs are rather limited. Work processing, mail and web-browsing. She does have an IPod, but detests iTunes.

Currently she’s running Word 97 on Windows 2000.

So she gets the retired web-server. A bit noisy, but I can switch the low-noise PSU from the old one when I get the time.

I’ve moved her domain to google apps, and I simply setup a IMAP account and copy all her old mail to googles server.

Copy all her documents to a usb stick, where she will keep them, as she also needs to edit them on the labtop and office PC.

Ask if she wants to keep bookmarks. Answer is no.

Install Ubuntu 7.10, on the old one. No problems.

Add the essentials like flash and stuff (so that the kid can play online games on it)

Insert USB stick to check that it works. Works and auto-mounts.

Add IMAP account to thunderbird.

Show her around, explain about the lag of drive-letters, give short demo.


Two weeks later her only complaints are about the clipboard. You have to middle click on the mouse when copy/pasting from firefox to OpenOffice. If you open a document in OOo, copy something, close the document, create new document and … the content on the clipboard is gone.

There simply isn’t an excuse good enough, that this hasn’t been fixed years ago. Add a unified clipboard to X or something.

2 thoughts on “Two weeks of Ubuntu 7.10

  1. Lars D

    I cannot reproduce the problem about copy&paste from Firefox to OOo – and the OOo problem only exists if you close all open OOo windows. If just one is open, the clipboard persists.

    But I agree, that it should be fixed, nonetheless.

    I have similar experience with deploying Ubuntu on PCs – it works really, really well.

  2. TC Post author

    I just tried reproducing the middle click issue with firefox/OOo on my Ubuntu and couldn’t. No sure what that was – maybe a manifestation of the non-persistent clipboard issue.


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