Samsung SH-i780 date and price!

I stumpled upon this page, which has the SGH-i780 as expected in stock on january 11th and at us$688 (unlocked, no plan).

It’s still in the running as my next mobile, but I’m not sure that I wont wait a bit and see what the reviews are saying. The fic1973/OpenMoko should be out soon, and at us$450, it’s quite a bit cheaper, and the vga screen really is a big plus for me. And with my new Eee PC, I don’t really need a keyboard that much on my mobile phone. Then again, the fic1973 date could easily get moved further into the future…

And my Moto V3’s battery is failing fast, and I would rather spend money on a new phone than money on a new battery for a phone that will soon be dumped.

p.s.: Found a Danish dealer that expect to have the i780 in stock on January 30th, febuary 29th, at 4628.- Danish kroner (910 us$, but that includes 25% sales tax).

P.P.S.: With the i780 release date slipping and the OpenMoko (dev edition) date on track, it could be come interesting…

2 thoughts on “Samsung SH-i780 date and price!

  1. survey supply

    if you havent read reviews you probably should although the touchscreen and bluetooth and windows compatibility it is uncomfortably large. but it really is cool because you can use the digital music player you have broadband and ofcourse its a tiny computer. i was thinking of getting it too but i still dont know but 688 for it is expensive with a contract you can get it for about 300… with verizon

    good luck


  2. Ben

    Samsung’s mobile phones have traditionally been targeted at the mid- to high-end market. So when we found out that the new SGH-i780 will be priced at S$828, we were pleasantly surprised. This makes it one of the least expensive HSDPA-enabled Windows Mobile handhelds out there–other models with similar features like the HTC TyTN II and i-mate Ultimate 8502 retail for at least S$1,100. Given the Samsung’s sleek design and accessible price tag, do we have a sure winner here?
    Have a good one!


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