Samsung SH-i780 date and price!

I stumpled upon this page, which has the SGH-i780 as expected in stock on january 11th and at us$688 (unlocked, no plan).

It’s still in the running as my next mobile, but I’m not sure that I wont wait a bit and see what the reviews are saying. The fic1973/OpenMoko should be out soon, and at us$450, it’s quite a bit cheaper, and the vga screen really is a big plus for me. And with my new Eee PC, I don’t really need a keyboard that much on my mobile phone. Then again, the fic1973 date could easily get moved further into the future…

And my Moto V3’s battery is failing fast, and I would rather spend money on a new phone than money on a new battery for a phone that will soon be dumped.

p.s.: Found a Danish dealer that expect to have the i780 in stock on January 30th, febuary 29th, at 4628.- Danish kroner (910 us$, but that includes 25% sales tax).

P.P.S.: With the i780 release date slipping and the OpenMoko (dev edition) date on track, it could be come interesting…

Cleaning out the bookmarks

(bookmarks = Favorites, for those of you, using Internet Explorer)

I’ve transfered my book marks with me from computer to computer for a long time. I’m unsure how far back, but there where bookmarks for site like DejaNews in there, and they got eaten by google (groups) around 2001.
Before I began the clean up it had about 650 book marks and the bookmarks.html file was about 150Kb.

Luckily I changed the way I use bookmarks a couple of years a go – when Firefox got the bookmarks toolbar – making it fairly easy to search out the old bookmarks, that hadn’t been used since I switched (I started putting all bookmarks in the “bar”, and never used the bookmarks menu item).

I looked through the old bookmarks and nearly non of them worked! Most of them gave 404’s (server working but page not found) but quite a few of them gave a Server Not Found error. I didn’t count but I think that about one in 10 worked, but half of these didn’t give the expected results. I fund ONE bookmark that I found useful (, which I hadn’t already added to the bar. So delete, delete.

The web is a lot more dynamic that I thought! Not that I though that all site would live forever, but I didn’t think that it would be as “bad” as that. Is it bad? I don’t really know – manually keeping a bookmark file up to date, would be a chore, but I really don’t use my bookmarks that much any more. I often find myself typing the url of my most used sites, even though I know exactly where in my bookmarks to find them, or I’ll even search for just as much as needed on google.

Now, I’ve 220 bookmarks in a 70Kb file (the reason the file isn’t that much smaller is that Firefox now stores the site logo in the bookmarks file, so any site that I’ve browsed since they started doing that will fill a lot more in the file)

Asus Eee First Impressions

Well, the first impression is that it’s small. Really small.

And cute! Holding in my hands, I get the feeling that it’s my best new friend and I’ll never let it go again. The only reason that I’m not writing this using it, is that it’s charging. I can clearly understand why this it the new hot sell. Once you had it in your hands you want to own it. Turning it on only makes it better – the screen is just beautiful.

I went by the office today to pick it up, and turned it on (it booted in 16seconds) and walked down the hall to find somebody to show it to. Handing to our (female) secretary, she exclaimed “wow, that’s cute. And it will fit right into a ladies handbag. How much is it?”. Handing it to my wife when I came home, the first thing she says, is “wow – it will fit right in a ladies handbag”. Any gadget that has that kind of instant lady appeal has to be a winner. I can’t wait until I can bring it to a café and see what kind of effect it will have :-).

The “simple” user interface is nice, but I’m not sure I understand the idea behind it – starting any application will reveal a normal, not the easy GUI. But I guess that it’s better then the usual “Start” menu. All the needed applications are there, as expected. Inserting my wife’s 2GB usb key had the desired effect of giving my a choice to open a file explorer, and it was easy to find a document, and a double click opened it in (started in seconds).

I haven’t tried to change the keyboard to a Danish one yet and I haven’t tried to install any software, but everything seems to work.

Things to do:

  • Open it and see if I got one with a Mini-PCIe or not.
  • Set up mail.
  • Make sure flash and stuff works in the browser.
  • Add Adblock and Google Sync plugins to firefox.
  • See if there’s any linux Pentax RAW support, so that I can view pictures from my camera as I take them.
  • Possible add a bluetooth dongle and see if I can get Dial Up Networking to work over my phone.

(hey! Merry Christmas!)

Two weeks of Ubuntu 7.10

The on-board soundcard on my wifes old machine stopped working and I used it as an excuse to make a new box for her.

Her needs are rather limited. Work processing, mail and web-browsing. She does have an IPod, but detests iTunes.

Currently she’s running Word 97 on Windows 2000.

So she gets the retired web-server. A bit noisy, but I can switch the low-noise PSU from the old one when I get the time.

I’ve moved her domain to google apps, and I simply setup a IMAP account and copy all her old mail to googles server.

Copy all her documents to a usb stick, where she will keep them, as she also needs to edit them on the labtop and office PC.

Ask if she wants to keep bookmarks. Answer is no.

Install Ubuntu 7.10, on the old one. No problems.

Add the essentials like flash and stuff (so that the kid can play online games on it)

Insert USB stick to check that it works. Works and auto-mounts.

Add IMAP account to thunderbird.

Show her around, explain about the lag of drive-letters, give short demo.


Two weeks later her only complaints are about the clipboard. You have to middle click on the mouse when copy/pasting from firefox to OpenOffice. If you open a document in OOo, copy something, close the document, create new document and … the content on the clipboard is gone.

There simply isn’t an excuse good enough, that this hasn’t been fixed years ago. Add a unified clipboard to X or something.

153 days of Windows 2000

I’ve a home server. It’s running windows 2000, it’s that old. I just checked – it’s 153 days since it was re-booted last. And the reason I rebooted was to move some hard drive around, not because it crashed.

Not bad.

It will be replaced through. It can only take 384MB of ram and it’s a 566Mhz Celeron processer and it’s starting to run a bit short. It’s mostly feeding my music collection to a SqueezeBox, but as the collection grows it’s getting a bit slow.

I’ll probably install server Ubuntu on one the retired desktop machines.

But that’s for another day. For now I’ll just reboot the old one, just to clean it up a little…

Asus eee PC – in the mail…

I’ve ordered an Asus EEE PC – or rather I’ve asked my boss who’s currently in the US to buy me one and he assures me it has been ordered. Not sure exactly which model he has ordered, but the white 4G surf model seems to be the only one in stock, so it’s probably that one. Which is fine. Anything by the 2G model…

I intend to use it as a couch computer. Something to do a bit of surfing on while the wife is watching TV. I’ll tell you more when I get it…

Dell Axim x51v WM6 (Football Edition)

I have been fighting with ActiveSync (on my home XP box) and SyncCenter (on my work vista box) for the last couple of week. Couldn’t sync my Dell x51v PDA with any of them. Was driving me nuts. Tried all kinds of … crap.

So I decided to try a home brewed Windows Mobile 6 rom. And it works! No wifi problems. I tried to do a back up and restore, but that soon got to messy, and I’ve decided re-install everything from the top. Only thing is that, most of my programs where registered so long ago, that it may be hard to find a version to download. On the other hand, maybe it’s time to upgrade to a new (WM6 compatible) version.

Anyway. I’ll try to report back when I’ve tried it a few more days. And a big thank you to “football” and the people at xda-developers. And a big F… you to Dell for not providing this.

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Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon

I’ve been trying out the last few Ubuntu releases. Ubuntu 7.10 looks even better and the installation was really easy.


  • I’ve some kind of keyboard issue. Sometimes it seems lazy (1-2 seconds delay), other times it gave me 3-5 repeats of the typed character (old logitech PS/2 keyboard).
  • It couldn’t find my second monitor. Detection of the primary monitor, a Dell UltraSharp 2407WFP-HC, (including resolution and refresh rate) worked great. The new live resolution changes stuff, is great. Welcome to windows 2000! 😉
  • Detection of any but the basic buttons on the mouse where, still, not detected (like “back”). Amazing. This is such basic functionality…
  • My main applications is Adobe Lightroom. It’s a windows application, and Wine has had some bad issue with it. With this release it has gotten a lot better. It’s actually possible to start Lightroom, it just can’t load an existing image database (needs to be on a local drive, and I think it sees the wine mapped drives a network drives), and can’t display images when they have been imported. And it take a year to start – you can actually see it draw the GUI elements, it’s so slow.
  • Disc partition tool takes 3-4 minutes to detect the two hard drives in my machine. Actually crashed once.
  • Compiz Fusion looks nice, but seems rather useless, and all the window flip-flopping becomes tiring really fast.
  • Hardware on my desk that’s useless under linux: Creative Web-Cam, Huey Pro screen calibration, Dell x51v PDA.
  • NTFS R/W support works great!
  • Looks good. Starting stuff like firefox etc. was fast.
  • I had to open a shell terminal once – when I edited the grub boot managers menu, to changed the default item to windows. Didn’t edit xorg.conf once.
  • Migration of windows users is a really cool idea. Could be taken further… (option; “share setting with windows”, or “copy from windows”. Use these setting in Wine for drive mappings, and for firefox/thunderbird settings including add-ons).

All in all, it looks good. I’m sure the minor issues could be solved. To bad about the “deal breaker” with Lightroom.

The Baloo Software Developement Method

I’ve been thinking about the, much ignored and rather unglamorous, state software ends in, when it’s about to be replaced by a newly developed version. It may be an old maintained branch, or it may have been or be about to be replaced, with a new version that’s based on a new code base.

While thinking about this I heard the song The Bare Necessities from Disneys The Jungle Book. Here Baloo sings:

Look for the bare necessities
The simple bare necessities
Forget about your worries and your strife
I mean the bare necessities
That’s why a bear can rest at ease
With just the bare necessities of life

The Bare Necessities, by Phil Harris, Bruce Reitherman

I decided to name the method used for this kind of development after Baloo.
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