I’ve been thinking about complexity vs. simplicity, and I’ve decide that the general issue can be described with these two statements:

1. No issue is so complex, that it can’t be reduced to a meaningless yes/no question

2. No issue is so simple, that it can’t be made to complex to decide on.

Not totally happy with the phrasing, so suggestions are welcome….

2 thoughts on “Complexity

  1. Lars

    Based on your blog timeline, I can conclude that you spent 2.5 months on this… 🙂

    My only comment is to replace "simplex" with "simple" in the second part.

  2. TC Post author

    Hi, Lars,

    No, actually just a couple of days. If I had been thinking about it for 2.5 months I would probably have gone mad in the process…

    Ups, fixed that one.


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