Replacement for Dell x51v + moto v3 razer

I’m trying to find a worthy replacement for my current pda + mobile phone combo.

What I have and do not want to lose:

  • Big VGA screen that can be read in direct sun light. I read a lot on my pda.
  • WiFi (11b). Web browsing. Opera would be a plus, but I can live with Minimo or similar.
  • Size. The x51v is 73 x 119 x 16.9 millimetres. Much thicker and it can not be carried in in pants pockets.
  • Dial Up Networking for when out of wifi range. The razr only has gprs which is slow but better than nothing.
  • Sync with exchange.
  • Lots of software, but mainly; qmail (Email/rss/usenet), Opera, mp3/video player, plucker/ebook reader and VNC.
  • The Razr is a wonderful and simple phone with superb sound quality

Want in new device:

  • All in one. I do not want to carry around two devices any more.

Nice to haves:

  • Faster wifi.
  • Faster DUN
  • Keyboard
  • GPS

Currently available contenders:

  • Everything HTC: No VGA, except for the (to big) Advantage
  • Everything Palm: no WiFi. Dying platform. Forget it.
  • Symbion: N95? QVGA. E90 Maybe.. it sounds strange but I would probably miss Windows Mobile. A bit thick.

To be researched:

  • E-TEN seems to have some interesing models
  • HTC Omni will be WVGA, but release date is unknown. Probably early 2008.
  • Gigabyte g-Smart i350 could be interesting
  • I-Mate seems to have some interesting models as well
  • OpenMoko, not available, and probably limited software support out of the box. A bit thick, but okay. No set release date.
  • Samsung SGH-i780 – Not vga, but 320×320 and thin. Dec 2007 release…

Size comparison of some of these machines… here

Update feb 26th 2008: I’ve works it down a bit. I’ve decided that I need windows mobile. Nothing else seems to give the organizer functionality that I need and want. I’ve boiled it down to either a LG KS20 or an Samsung i780. None of which is available right now. Damn. Size comparison here, including the x51v and the Moto V3. The KS20 looks great and isn’t much bigger than the V3. The i780 has keyboard and gps, and is still a bit smaller then the x51v. The price seems to be about the same. So I’m selling out on my VGA demand, but apparently it’s incompatible with all my other wants…

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  1. surveying instruments

    what about the helio ocean? or even the SH-i780 smartphone? XV6800? Palm Treo 700wx Smartphone? SMT5800? and because you like the razr then how about Motorola MOTO Q™ 9c? i deal with phones so if you have any questions email me on the email attached. good luck and i hope this was helpful!




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